Here Are The Major News Headlines For The City Of New Haven CT

The Elm City is the second largest city in Connecticut, and so it is a hub for news in the state. Taking a look at local headlines, police say that they are looking for a man that shoplifted at the AT&T store in New Haven. The leading news story is about a crime, but this next headline is a good one. There is a woman who has multiple sclerosis and received some holiday help from others to help her get holiday shopping done.

The help came from Synergy Home Care, and the news story reports that the caregivers that helped her get around the mall were dressed up as elves, Santa’s helpers. That’s really cute, and that’s a great holiday story coming from New Haven CT. Are you ready to find out what else is going on in New Haven CT when it comes to the news?

When it comes to the weather, it’s cold, and sleet and freezing rain is the forecast across the board in New England. Be careful out there because it’s not going to be great driving weather. It would be nice if it weren’t freezing rain but instead snow. You have to take what you get when it comes to the weather though.

Are you ready for Christmas Eve? It’s tomorrow, and Christmas Day and New Year’s will be here before you know it. Do you already have your New Year’s Eve celebration planned, too? Also, one more thing to report about the man that stole from the AT&T store is that the police have out out a rather clear picture of him from the security camera footage. That’s about all for the news for New Haven, and so it is time to grab the cup of hot cocoa and settle in out of the weather all comfy and ready for Christmas Eve with the family.

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